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Air Jordan 5

Owning the best sportive and handsome design,Air Jordan 5 is onsidered as the most beautiful basketball shoes model at that period.Meanwhile its innovational design is great and fresh at that time,firstly using half-transparent bradyseism rubber to add the thickness and the effect of grasping ground.Also it uses net materials to take place of leather to make the shoes light which is the main theme of Nike,and add air cushion on the head palm where there is curved groove to increase its bendability so it can pretty comfortable for wearing.Compared with Jordan 4,its sole is much durable,material firmer and reduce the effects of support from the sides.And its new retro styles are well-received around the world,the sales of this generation of jordan basketball shoes keeps good.We offer the best quality shoes and service for our customers around the world,and here you can find the full rang of Cheap Real Air Jordan Shoes with original package.Enjoy shopping here.